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County of Los Angeles Public Library, working with the South Bay Workforce Investment Board, provided 7 semi-monthly employment workshops for mid-life adults reentering the job market or seeking to change careers, and created a new ReCareering Center at the Hawthorne Branch with a special collection of relevant books and DVDs. One-on-one career counseling sessions were also hosted by the library following each workshop. The workshops drew a total attendance of 84 individuals and a total of 56 people took advantage of the counseling sessions. Project outcomes were impressive with 96% of participants indicating they learned at least one new life skill as a result of the workshops and 94% of people counseled indicating they learned at least one job-finding or career strategy as a result of the counseling. Participants noted that the accumulated effect of the experience was an increase in confidence, plus involvement in a network of like-minded individuals who provided moral support and motivation.

Grant: $11,565

County of Los Angeles Library focused its project on employment needs of the age 50+ population in this recareering series.


Created a dedicated adult space at the Carson Library called The Renaissance Center, with reading materials, audio-books, and adult board and electronic games. Developed several new programs of particular interest to Boomers that encouraged brain fitness and socialization. Programs ranged from film viewings to video gaming to an intergenerational knitting club. Since demand for adult computer classes outpaced the library's ability to provide them, five self-guided Computer-Training-in-a-Box courses were created. Each contains material for one 30-45 minute course with an additional 15-30 minute practice session. Volunteer-led computer classes were also initiated to supplement the self-guided courses. Created a community calendar (that migrated online after the grant period) that consolidates art and health events, as well as volunteer opportunities from a variety of community organizations.

Grant $10,786

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