Kern County Library


Created a gathering place, The Boomer Conversation, at all seven Bakersfield libraries for Boomers to meet, exchange ideas, get information, socialize and attend lectures. Each of these dedicated spaces also includes a Boomer Information Zone (BIZ) kiosk that serves as a community information board, promoting materials of particular interest to Boomers. Offered a series of 33 public lectures in each library on topics of interest to Boomers (health, finances, life planning, and technology) to which 200 people attended. Explored nontraditional avenues for publicizing and promoting the project to Boomers via television, radio, print, and digital mediums in English and Spanish. A significant Boomer response to the initial needs assessment (over 300 print and electronic responses) highlighted the keen interest this project held for the community. Scheduling issues that postponed several of the programs until summer months, however, resulted in lower than anticipated attendance due to summer heat and vacations.

Grant $20,000

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Kern County engaged its communities in The Boomer Conversation and explored opportunities for discussion, learning and preparation for an aging society.