in·no·va·tor [in-uh-vey-tor] noun: one who introduces something new or makes changes in anything established

Being an innovator requires vision, discipline, experimentation, inclusion of diverse perspectives, perseverance and optimism. Many progressive libraries in California and a growing community of national innovators are exploring new frontiers and implementing new approaches related to productive aging. For specific examples, be sure to check out the California Libraries, Get Involved Initiative and Other Models and Practices links in this section.

This website has been designed to support such innovation with Resources and Tools. We invite libraries (and other interested organizations) to use this site and our social media networks for inspiration and collaboration. Together, we hope to build the capacity for public libraries to continuously evolve while remaining ever-relevant to their communities.


Resource:Tempe Connections

Notes:This program of the Friends of the Tempe Public Library provides adults with opportunities to discover new purpose through access to a wide range of educational programs for ongoing intellectual stimulation, supportive planning for a variety of life changes, and volunteer participation to effect positive community change.