Azuza City Library

Azusa City Library offered a series of hands-on training sessions targeted at adults, ages 46-64, on topics identified by this age group via a community survey. The survey revealed that many in this target population lacked access to a home computer but wanted to increase their level of comfort in using computer technologies. Taming Technology (jpg) included nine different training sessions (computer trouble shooting, using digital cameras, handling computer security, using iPads and iPods, using ebooks, and the how-to’s of social networking) were designed and offered at least once. The six most popular topics were offered a second time. A total of 55 adults participated in the 15 training sessions. Participant survey responses overwhelmingly (97%) indicated that the training sessions increased their technological knowledge and comfort level.

Grant: $9,957


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Midlife adults were provided a series of hands-on training helping them navigate new technologies.