Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library


Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library hired JMJ Group to undertake research to determine the interests and greatest service needs of the area’s older, mid-life adults. JMJ Group administered Transforming Life After 50 assessment surveys in English, Chinese, Spanish and Vietnamese to which they received 646 responses, conducted two follow-up focus groups with 15 individuals, and convened a meeting of 17 community stakeholders (local government and area agencies serving this cohort) to share the data collected and seek stakeholder feedback. The resulting report will now form the basis for developing future library programming that benefits older citizens, ages 50+. The report is also available to any other interested community organization or agency. This planning process highlighted two important insights for the library going forward: (1) the differing needs of various ethnic groups that underscored the need to take not only age but ethnicity into consideration when planning to serve this cohort, and (2) a new appreciation for how to reach and collaborate with a diverse array of community partners, in particular area hospitals and faith-based organizations.

Grant: $8,685

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