Monterey Public Library


Convened an interagency working group of community partners who developed and administered a survey to over 100 local agencies (received 33 responses from a wide range of organizations) to assess the state of Boomer volunteer opportunities throughout the community.Conducted two Boomer volunteer focus groups to further assess optimization of Boomer volunteer recruitment, recognition, and retainment. Convened a volunteer agency forum to share survey and focus group findings and then hosted a one day volunteer training summit for local agencies and organizations on best practices for engaging Boomer volunteers. Developed a collection of library materials on volunteering, designed a volunteer resources web page, and created a three-minute DVD highlighting this project’s collaborative interagency approach to assessing ways to improve Boomer volunteer opportunities. Also participated in the State Library's related Get Involved initiative, and leveraged the two projects to effectively position the library as a leader in addressing Boomer volunteer issues on a community-wide basis.

Grant $12,962

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