San Diego Public Library


San Diego Public Library assembled an Advisory Group and hired Taylor Research to survey the community and conduct 3 focus groups to help identify programs/services and volunteer opportunities of interest to adults over age 50 in the Greater Clairemont area. Based on these findings, 16 pilot programs on music, finances and grandparenting were designed and delivered at the Clairemont Library. Five other branch libraries also offered 3 of these 16 pilot programs each, for a total of 36 programs offered at which 700 people attended. Adult program attendance increased by 20% at all participating libraries. Outcomes were significant with 86% of program attendees reporting they learned something new because of their attendance, 54% reporting that these new pilot programs were more relevant to them than programs previously offered, and 84% reporting a greater feeling of connection to the community after attending a program. Five pilot outreach programs were also held at two area community centers. In addition, a volunteer adult programming list was created that identified 54 community lecturers, authors and musicians willing to volunteer their time and talents to lead programs for adults over age 50 at the library. This volunteer list was distributed to all San Diego Public Libraries as well as participating community partner organizations. All community members (100%) who volunteered to provide library programming reported feeling their library volunteer experience benefited the community, and 85% felt more connected to the community after volunteering. The project’s Advisory Group also planned and implemented a Technology Fair for Older Adults at which 150 people attended, with all participants rating the Fair a success.

Grant: $15,000


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