Santa Clara County Library District


Santa Clara County Library District, in partnership with PlaneTree Health Library, enhanced the library’s online health portal, Get Healthy @ the Library, via the creation of four 5-minute screencasts (3 in English and 1 in Spanish) that show users how to most effectively navigate MedlinePlus (a free, expert reviewed database) to research the topics of hearing loss, diabetes, and stress. The need for the project and specific topic areas were identified through informal surveys and focus groups with mid-life adults. To date, 421 people have viewed one or more of the screencasts. Of those who have completed an online survey, 100% reported they were now more confident using MedlinePlus when in search of reliable health and medical information as a result of viewing the screencasts. These screencasts have also been added to the library’s YouTube channel and have been endorsed by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Pacific Southwest Region. This project also serves as a model of a unique and successful community partnership between a public library and a consumer health organization that can perhaps inspire similar such library and health care partnerships.

Grant: $10,000

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Santa Clara County used this branding image to promote their health program series.