Santa Monica Public Library


Designed and delivered a program series called The Living Room Project that showcased 28 different educational and cultural programs for older adults that resulted in a total combined attendance of 1592 people. Programs included: Intro to Yoga, Intro to Salsa, Armchair African Safari, a classical piano concert, a lecture on Alzheimer's, and a folk music concert. Filmed 3 of the 28 programs as webcasts and posted these to the library’s website to extend audience outreach. Tested two social media tools, Facebook and Twitter, on the library’s website to further extend community outreach efforts. After only six weeks, the Facebook account had 472 fans and the library Twitter account had 77 followers. Recruited and launched an Adult Advisory Board that currently consists of 22 members who continue to advise the library regarding future programming ideas for older adults.

Grant $19,974

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Santa Monica Public Library rebranded their services to adults as "The Living Room" seeking to engage adults of all ages. SMPL also produced an award-winning PSA to promote its new strategy.