Sunnyvale Public Library


Designed and delivered a program series entitled We’ve Only Just Begun (pdf) that offered 41 programs on topics of interest to Boomers, including science (pdf), health, the arts, business, finance (pdf), computer applications, and retirement. The series attracted 2,496 attendees. Worked with other community organizations to create a Volunteer Speakers Bureau (pdf) so that local Boomers could share a lifetime of expertise while also helping the library provide programming, resulting in 19 applicants to date. Guidelines and an application and review process for prospective volunteer speakers was also created. The Volunteer Speakers Bureau is now highlighted on the City of Sunnyvale's volunteer web page. Created a Boomer Advisory Committee that, coupled with the Volunteer Speakers Bureau, enabled the library to expand its offering of programs from the original goal of 20 to 41. The Advisory Committee continues to provide support for these adult programs. Library staff also promoted the grant by giving public presentations to various community groups. As noted in their final report, “The praise and appreciation from the community for these programs made this grant particularly rewarding for library staff.

Grant $20,000

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