Torrance Public Library


Developed a new library LINK (Lifelong Information Networks and Knowledge) brand and undertook an outreach campaign (including a Link Logs' blog and Facebook page) that highlighted library materials and services of particular interest to Boomers. Designed and conducted, along with community partners and a Boomer Advisory group, 2 large community fairs – a Travel Fair [250 attendees] and a Health & Fitness Fair [550 attendees]. Also participated in the State Library's related Get Involved initiative and leveraged these two projects to effectively create new volunteer job descriptions and re-tool existing volunteer opportunities to better match the interests of Boomers. Created a new volunteer brochure and began utilizing VolunteerMatch as volunteer recruitment tools. Purchased new materials for the library collection that were of particular interest to Boomers and identified these new materials with a LINK logo sticker. Created two podcasts – one on volunteering and another on careers in public service. As the first City department to create blogs and podcasts, the library’s success in this area has now positioned them as the lead podcasting and blogging resource for the City of Torrance.

Grant $14,800

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