Other Models & Practices

The Transforming Life After 50 initiative aims to inspire library innovation that is responsive to the changing nature of aging in America. But new ideas and new perspectives are required to begin innovating. Inspiration for which can come from many sources – not just libraries – and often in very unexpected ways.

By highlighting the cool ideas and promising practices undertaken by other agencies and organizations, we hope to inspire yet more libraries and community agencies to consider their own innovative responses to supporting productive aging.

To find other organizations working on the issues of aging, search our Resources database for their websites. And if you are working on a model you think we should be aware of, please contact us to let us know.

King County (WA) Library System’s More to Explore: 50 Plus is designed to “help you reach new goals, engage your curiosity, inspire new beginnings and connect to your community.”

Denver Public Library’s designs programs, events, and social media to attract active adults of all ages with its highly successful brand Fresh City Life.

Tempe Connections, a partnership between the Tempe (AZ) Public Library, the city of Tempe and several nonprofits, is one of the earliest 50+ innovations in the country.

Coming of Age is a national initiative that helps people 50+ explore their future and connect and contribute through paid and upaid opportunities in their communities; and builds nonprofit capacity to capture the energy and expertise of this population.


Panel: Innovative Library Responses across the U.S. – 2007 (0:24)

Abigail Elder & Jane Salisbury

Panel: Innovative Library Responses across the U.S. – 2007 (0:24)

Rebecca Bond

Panel: Innovative Library Responses across the U.S. – 2007 (0:16)

Sabrina Waldron