Tools & Ideas

Tools for Engaging Midlife Adults

The TLA50 initiative is a call to action that emphasizes a need for leadership to bring about change at all levels of the library community. It highlights the importance of finding new approaches to services, defining benchmarks, and creating frameworks for the dissemination of lessons learned. It urges the creation of a community of practice that stresses the importance of working across disciplines to reposition library practice and engage midlife adults.

To achieve these goals, librarians need models (see Innovators section) as well as practical tools to get from where libraries are currently to where they can be — effective co-collaborators with older adults who are seeking to continue learning and remaining involved in the world. This section of the TLA50 web site includes the framing and outreach tools to assist librarians in achieving these transformational goals.

We also invite further connection and discussion with library staff and midlife adults on TLA50’s Twitter (@TLA50), Facebook, and Pinterest sites.