Get Involved Initiative


Through local community assessments conducted in 2008, libraries throughout California (working on the Transforming Life After 50 initiative) identified a vast interest and potential for engaging the talent and experience of Boomers in volunteer roles that support libraries and their communities. 

In response, the Get Involved: Powered by Your Library statewide initiative was launched. Its goals are to:

  • Raise awareness about how volunteer engagement can benefit libraries and communities.
  • Train public librarians to create diverse and meaningful volunteer positions that attract a a broad range of community volunteers, especially adults.
  • Build the capacity of public libraries to effectively recruit and support volunteers.
  • Position public libraries as community “hubs” for civic engagement, in partnership with local volunteer recruitment and referral agencies.
  • Assist community members in finding volunteer opportunities (in libraries or their communities) that match their individual talents, passions and interests.

Archived Training Opportunities

The following five archived, one-hour webinars can assist libraries in their volunteer engagement efforts. Also see the Volunteer Engagement training curriculum for further insights and resources.